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Tech I Know

I have extensive experience with many APIs, toolkits, frameworks, services, platforms. I am only listing the larger ones I'm most familar with and I use on a regular basis.


I've been using Ember.js for 5 years now. In that time I've opened dozens of issues and PRs to ember-core and many popular addons. I've also authored and participated in many RFCs.

I maintain several Ember.js addons: Fun fact; this website is built with Ember.js and Fastboot!

My favorite things about Ember.js are ember-cli, route driven architecture, and the adoption of emerging web standards such as Promises and ES6.


I've been working with Python for 4 years. Virtually all of that work has been at Batterii.

Batterii's backend consists of frontend instances serving the RESTful API. Backend task driven instances performing a varity of Pub/Sub operations including noSQL denormalization.

In my time working on Batterii's backend, I forked and improved an OSS Python library: batterii/python-email-normalizer.

My favorite thing about Python is the list comprehension syntax.

Google Cloud Platform

I've been building apps on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for 5 years. All of that work has been on projects at Batterii.

Most of my experience with GCP is with the following services: App Engine, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Storage and the Developer / Management tools.

I also have varying amounts of experience with the following services: Vision API, Big Query, Compute Engine, and Container Registry.

My favorite thing about GCP is the high quality of their services. Most of the offerings provided by GCP are based on technologies Google relies on for their own services (Gmail, Drive, YouTube, etc).

Tech I Love

Tech I don't get to work with regularly, but I really believe in and want to learn more about.

Docker / Containers

I've only had a limited amount of actual experience using Docker, but what I've seen leads me to believe this is the future of computing.

Containers solve so many real world problems.
  • Fine-grain control of packages and dependencies.
  • Isolation of application and vendor code via OverlayFS.
  • Machine Images without the need to maintain OS patches / configs.
  • Open PaaS model for hosting.
My favorite about Docker / Containers is the utilization of a layered FS (OverlayFS).