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Batterii Movable Wall (v1)

While at Batterii one of my proudest accomplishments was the Batterii Movable Wall (v1).

Batterii is a digital design thinking platform that is focused on helping people gather research and synthesize it. Many common design synthesis activies, such as Affinity Mapping, Power Dotting, and Journey Mapping, are all served by having a movable collaborative space.

In the above gif, you see can a good example of the collision grid system I built for this project. The purpose for this behavior is to make it easy for users to align and arrange content without a rich traditional set of drawing tools that often require practice to use.

In addition to drag collision, it supports a variety of other mechanisms. Such as resize collision.

The Batterii Movable Wall has a lot of really cool and complicated features. The last one I want to highlight here is inline sticky notes. These are particularly useful for labeling content, having discussions and even affinity mapping.

Realtime! Did I mention all interactions you see are synchronized in realtime between all users viewing the same movable wall? Well it is!